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Why is ‘The Bridge’ DIY Marriage Counseling / DIY Couples Therapy so revolutionary and powerful??? We utilize body, mind and spirit and you and your partner will get out of your heads and into your bodies! We utilize the truth of who you are, right now in the present moment and what can be more powerful than truth and this moment?!

Relationships can be difficult, more so when what should have been said a long time ago (or even yesterday) hasn’t been said. We let the walls build up in our minds and hearts and finally there is just so much pent up sadness, anger, frustration and confusion that we no longer feel safe saying anything. When you finally do say something your partner feels sniped at, nagged, criticised and controlled and pushes back….….and it’s a downward spiral. More walls are built, less is said, the weight of pent up thought, feelings and emotions hang heavy. How close is this to describing your situation?

The good news is that this doesn’t have to go on any longer and if you and your partner take action you can avoid your marriage becoming another number in the divorce statistics.

I want to help you help yourselves.

At Fast Marriage Help couples will learn an improved method of communicating that allows what needs to be said, said and does so in a way that both partners can feel safe enough to be open and honest enough to communicate fully and effectively and you can use this technique in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

So, how does DIY Marriage Counseling/ DIY Couples Therapy actually work?

The fastest way to get your relationship back on track is to Get Relating

Relationships need two people who can relate to each other. Simple is it not? And relating is done via communication. You will notice that people who are in poor relationship have stopped communicating. That is stopped talking. You will also know it’s hard to get restarted! So to break the ice and get re-started, I want you to enter into a period of formalized communication. This is, after all, what you are essentially doing during standard marriage counseling.
What is really cool is that I’m going to share with you an amazingly simple technique that most relationship counselors won’t know about and you will get back to very high levels of relating – or relationship very quickly.

I’m going to teach you how to fish so you can choose whether to forge ahead and do your own DIY Marriage Counseling / DIY Couples Therapy or be a co-creator with a counselor (it’s very powerful stuff and your counselor will love you for it – they have to DO LESS and you will achieve more!)

Why formalized communication?

Let’s face it, if you’ve gotten to this point any more poor communication between you and your partner is not a good thing. You don’t really have that many shots at it so you want to make the most effective use of your time and effort and you really don’t want to go backwards (which can be a real risk).

Formalized communication sets out rules, boundaries, time frames and makes a space for people to express themselves (without hurting another) whilst really being heard. Couple the framework of this formalized communication and two partners willing to work together to rebuild the relationship and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Meet Them Where They Are At

You need to go and ‘meet them where they are at’. Not only that, you want your partner to meet you where you are at. You want to make yourself understood. Your partner wants to be understood. Where you have mutual understanding you have a connection.

You build your side of the bridge out a bit, they build their side of the bridge out and bit by bit – bingo! A completed relationship bridge.

Introducing THE BRIDGE DIY Couples Therapy™

So, how does it work?

The Bridge™ consists of just 3 straight forward ‘instructions’.

Q1. Tell me something you like about me.

Q2. Tell me something we agree on.

Q3. Tell me something….. (this is the meaty part!)

But three instructions a formalized communication technique does not make.

In this concise PDF document on DIY Marriage Counseling I’m going to…

Provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to conduct a Bridge™ session.
Explain why Bridge™ DIY Couple Therapy sessions are so powerful.
Explain why Bridge™ DIY Marriage Counseling communication is safe.
Strategies to get your partner to engage in a Bridge™ session.
The do’s and don’ts if you want to engage a moderator.
How to moderate your Bridge™ session.

There are no courses to sit through and you already understand the need to repair your relationship bridge. You can be doing your own BRIDGE™ DIY Marriage Counseling sessions today!

This technique is bulletproof and I know with all my mind, body and soul that it WILL benefit any relationship, anywhere, anytime and is most likely the most powerful and effective modality you will ever come across.

What I offer you is holistic and realistic. Not mind games. Not endless hours of study and stuff to remember, just a fast-track method of getting real with your partner that will lift you both up. You can use your suffering as a gateway to a clarity, contentment, fulfillment and freedom that you had lost back in childhood….

or you can just choose to keep suffering…

“Are we the image of a couple running down the beach into the sunset? No! We still have the pressures of ordinary life with children and mortgage and bills to pay and differing wants but we also have the rock solid certainty of knowing that when things get out of whack and we can’t relate anymore that we have The Bridge DIY Marriage Counseling that brings us back together.”

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